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  • Program Evaluation
  • Community Studies
  • Academic Research
  • Consultation

The two questions I am most often hired to answer are:

  1. Are project deliverables being completed on time and as proposed?
  2. What factors influence program outcomes and how can the project be delivered more effectively and/or economically?

QED specializes in projects that require a personal touch, or that focus on difficult to assess programs in messy, multi-layered contexts. High profile programs and/or those in politically charged environments are another sort of challenge QED embraces.

Sometimes, common and traditional methods are cumbersome or impractical. Such situations call for creative approaches. QED is methodologically nimble and particularly effective in “thinking outside the box.” At the same time, having been a community developer, university administrator, researcher, and program director, I understand “the box,” and always ensure that study methods and results will be credible to my clients’ audience(s).

Do you have a project or program that you would you like to take from good to great? Let’s talk.

QED has a reputation nationwide for delivering high quality results on time and on budget.

Doing Business with QED

My business model is to take on a few projects at a time and execute them with excellence. QED has low overhead and is administratively lean. On an as-needed basis, I hire exceptional consultants from around the country with excellent evaluation, research, and/or subject area expertise. With QED, more of your dollars go towards producing outstanding deliverables.

My goal is to support your good work. I honor the efforts of PIs and program directors trying to incarnate good ideas in the real world. Clients have described me as a collaborator, intellectual partner, and critical friend. My findings and actionable recommendations highlight program strengths and frame challenges in helpful ways.

QED Delivers

  • Responsive and responsible service
  • Elegant (and economical) research & evaluation designs
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative methods
  • Insightful analyses with practical implications and actionable recommendations
  • Well-written reports & presentations—succinct, no jargon.

QED Clients

QED clients are genuinely curious about their own programs and willing to make changes based on evidence. Most QED clients integrate evaluation into project planning and rollout, bringing me and my team into the process early. Sometimes QED is called in to assist a project that is struggling to produce its deliverables or is switching evaluators.

Directors of community and government agencies appreciate QED’s lean bureaucracy and low overhead. They value a firm that understands the challenges of making change in complicated political and policy contexts.

QED is NOT a good match for…

  • People looking for a firm that reinforces what they already know about their project.
  • PIs looking to simply tick off the box that shows that the external evaluation was conducted.
  • Those seeking to implement program evaluation in the last year or months of a project.

I work closely with PIs and project directors, using data that informs decision-making. My team will provide excellent, succinct reports that include pointed, actionable recommendations based on our data. If requested, I will provide informal, off-the-record recommendations and advice.

QED has conducted research and evaluations for:

  • K-12 schools: California, Colorado, and New York
  • Universities: Stanford, Princeton, University of Minnesota, Purdue University, University of Denver, and others
  • Non-Profit Organizations, Think Tanks, and Evaluation Firms: The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Industry Initiatives for Science & Math Education (IISME), The Anita Borg Institute, and others
  • Government Agencies: National Science Foundation, National Academies of Science, Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement–Colorado Refugee Services Program, and others

QED Client Endorsements

I’ve worked with QED on several projects. Working with Gary is wonderful. In addition to being a highly knowledgeable and skillful evaluator with extraordinary integrity, he is also an excellent collaborator who is dedicated to generating the evidence that leads to timely, informed, and high-quality decisions.

–Karl A. Smith, Ph.D., F.ASEE
Morse-Alumni Distinguished University Teaching Professor & Professor of Civil Engineering,
Emeritus, University of Minnesota
Cooperative Learning Professor of Engineering Education, Purdue University

I cannot recommend Gary Lichtenstein and QED highly enough. He and his team have evaluated three NSF projects for my office over the past seven years. He is a consummate professional and also a creative and generous partner and collaborator. His projects come in on time and on budget. I’ve learned a lot from him!

–Kaye Storm, Director,
Office of Science Outreach
Stanford University

From the perspective of a government program director eager to develop longitudinal data that could be used to inform program design and modification, our partnership with QED exceeded my expectations. The methodology QED employed was as important to me as were the project results, because QED’s approach was firmly grounded in the principles of Community-Based Research (CBR). I cannot recommend QED highly enough for the terrific project outcomes (at great value) that their team contributed.

–Paul Stein, Independent Consultant and
Former Colorado State Refugee Coordinator

QED’s ability to maintain impartiality and confidentiality was vital in obtaining the full engagement and cooperation of all participants in our study. The QED team synthesized data from disparate sources, extracted meaningful trends, and delivered timely and informative reports that met the needs of researchers and other key stakeholders at all levels of our organization. Our project reached a successful conclusion in no small part due to Dr. Lichtenstein’s ability to deftly understand and balance the needs of multiple stakeholders, which were often in conflict.

–John Krupczak, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Engineering, Hope College
Former National Science Foundation Program Officer, Division of Undergraduate Education,
Education & Human Resources Directorate
Former Senior Fellow, Center for the Advancement of the Scholarship of engineering Education, National Academy of Engineering

Our partnership with QED has contributed profoundly to the evolution and development of our program. Always truthful to the data, Gary’s holistic approach has guided the entire team through deep analysis and actionable recommendations. His meaningful insights have helped us refine program outcomes, identify customer orientations, adjust the instructional style, and continue improving the program at each iteration.

–Rocio C. Chavela Guerra, Ph.D.
Director, Education and Career Development
American Society for Engineering Education

CCEFP, an NSF Engineering Research Center, has had nothing but an exceptional experience working with QED as our intellectual partner in research, education, and outreach programming.

–Alyssa Burger, Director of Education & Outreach,
Center for Compact & Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP),
University of Minnesota